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About Us

For thirty-five years, CHCS has provided the most advanced technologies to businesses and organizations, specializing in web development for 25 years. Our four-person staff developers, designers and information architects has worked together for over a decade. We're small enough to know our customers personally, and large enough to have half a century of design, programming, editorial, and customer service experience between us. We take pride in our longevity, for we have been able to maintain the loyalty of our satisfied customers.

We focus on designing and building websites and web applications that present our clients at their best. We have the strategic ability, technical know-how, and creative muscle to succeed a wide range of businesses and projects. Be assured that our work is high quality and thoroughly considerate of your goals.

Professional graphic design

Our number one priority is to enhance your professional appearance and make you stand out. We'll listen to your needs and custom develop an aesthetic to increase your success.

Keep users engaged

Attention spans are short. Success hinges on your audience attaining what they want, quickly and without frustration. A well organized, attractive, and easy to navigate website will strengthen your message.

Improve existing websites

Talk to us about ways to improve your current site to ensure that you are reaching your audience with the right message. Is your website helping you exceed your goals?

Responsive design and mobile

More than fifty percent of all web traffic comes from phones and tablets. Don't lose the mobile audience to frustration. Create a responsive web design to ensure your main site works on different devices, or build a custom mobile-only site to target your audience.

Logo design

Your logo reflects your professionalism. Stand above your competitors with a strong representation of your organization.

Ensure brand integrity

We recognize the importance of your brand. CHCS has been designing websites, consistently implementing client branding, for over twenty-five years.

Control your website

Sites that update their content frequently are better represented in search engines and we make this easy for you to do yourself. We offer various Content Management Systems (CMS), such as Processwire, and can work with or build custom solutions.

Produce web applications

Web applications can streamline interaction with customers. Imagine any type of application to enhance your business model, including: data collection, event registration, membership, donation, ordering, and voting systems.

Website content accessibility

People with disabilities may be using different equipment, like text-to-speech software or Braille readers, to experience your website's content. Sites created by CHCS will follow the guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium, Section 508 and U.S. Accessibility Regulations.

Quality and high standards

Our approaches are built around quality and saving you money. We'll build your site with modern standards to prevent the inconvenience and expense of constant code maintenance. We use development tools which enable us to stay up to date and build with precision and efficiency.

Website hosting

Managing your own hosting can be a headache. We can often save you the time and effort by setting up and arranging your web, email and DNS hosting.

Clear project budgeting

Sticker shock is prevented by clear project requirements and good communication. Let's work together to develop a plan to get you where you want to be.

Your social media hub

Social media are important because your audiences interact there. Use Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic to your website where you have the most control. Broadcast your message without the clutter.

Support and training

We provide training to help you master the tools we've developed for you. That's why training sessions are included in every project.