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Next9: Membership and Participation Management

The way people engage with their causes is changing. Traditional memberships are losing effectiveness among younger, more diverse demographics. Forward-thinking organizations need greater flexibility in their sources of support.

Next9 will help you manage traditional membership while providing the tools needed to capture support in this shifting environment.

Any way you can help is appreciated. And accepted.

One-time and recurring donations are increasingly common. Yet traditional membership is still important to many causes. Our system gives your supporters options while simplifying the donation process. And with mobile payment support, nobody will be turned away.

Activating supporters is key. Why should it be complicated?

Communicating and engaging with your audience is crucial. Next9 lets you manage digital, printed, and in-person interactions, all in one place.

Next9 offers these features:

  1. Traditional memberships

  2. One-time donations

  3. Recurring donations

  4. Mobile payments, including Google Pay and Apple Pay

  5. Mailing lists for email and print newsletters

  6. Signups for events

  7. Mobilize calls to action

  8. International payment capabilities

  9. Custom website design

For more information about Next9, contact CHCS.