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Acceptable Use Policy

Revised June 28, 2002

Legal Uses

CHCS's system and services may not be used in any way which violates federal, state, local, or international law. This includes, but is not limited to, any activities which are threatening, obscene, defamatory, or which violate trade secret, copyright or patent protection, or rights of privacy or publicity, or which result in the spread of computer viruses or other damaging programs or data files, or which violate any export restrictions (including making non-exportable information or software available to foreign nationals as may be prohibited by law).

Email Prohibitions

CHCS's system and services may not be used for the following:

  • "Spamming" is the common term for the sending of unsolicited emails. The sending of such emails is an extremely undesirable activity in the Internet community and may be a violation of state and/or Federal law. Spamming from or through CHCS's services is prohibited.
  • "Pyramid", "Chain letters" & "Get Rich Quick" - "Chain letters" and "Get Rich Quick" schemes are annoying and "Pyramid" schemes are illegal. Promotion of these activities on, by and through CHCS's system is prohibited.
  • "Mail-bombing" - "Mail-bombing," defined as the sending of ten (10) or more identical or similar email messages to the same address is prohibited.
  • "Threats" - Threatening to harm persons, groups or property is prohibited.

Multiple Simultaneous Logins

Subscriber and any member of Subscriber's household are the only individuals authorized to access CHCS's "residential use" services. The simultaneous use of the same primary account username/password combination is prohibited.


Revealing your account to others or allowing use of your account by others (other than the authorized users in your household) is prohibited. Subscriber is responsible for ensuring that their password(s) is (are) are kept confidential and protected.

Subscriber Changes

Subscribers are responsible for any changes to their website which they make via FTP or a content management system.


CHCS does not guarantee availability of backup copies of websites or email messages. Subscribers may leave email messages on CHCS server up to agreed-upon size limits, but CHCS is not responsible for any loss of data, and may charge to restore files.

Violations of the Acceptable Use Policy

CHCS reserves the right to terminate service, without notice or refund, to any Subscriber who, in CHCS's sole discretion, has violated the terms of this policy or otherwise abused the service provided by CHCS.

Network Transmissions

Subscriber is responsible for any materials passed via CHCS's system to other networks, and agrees to comply with any restrictions posed by the other network's terms of service or acceptable use policies.

Unattended Forms

Subscriber is not permitted to run any programs or software which continually send data over or access CHCS's system, or run any programs or software on CHCS's system unattended, unless such use has been approved in advance by CHCS's staff.

Right of Refusal

Notwithstanding any other provision of this policy, CHCS reserves the right to refuse service to any one for any reason, including but not limited to inappropriate postings, uploadings or the inclusion of objectionable materials in a personal web space.


CHCS reserves the right to change the Acceptable Use Policy at any time, without notice.