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Site Statistics

How do I view how many people have visited my website?

Flushing the Cache

How do I flush my browser and DNS caches?

Managing Domain Name Information

How do I manage, renew or change domain names purchased through CHCS?

Get Your Email

How do I get my email provided by CHCS?

Getting Email on a Mobile Device

How can I receive my CHCS Gmail on my iPhone or iPad, Android phone or tablet, Blackberry, Treo, PDA or other mobile device?

Copying My Address Book

How can I copy my Outlook, Eudora or Thunderbird address book to the web version of the CHCS mail system?

Troubleshooting Email Issues

How can I troubleshoot CHCS Gmail (Google Apps) issues?

Troubleshooting Email

I am receiving some emails, but not others.

Managing Passwords

How can I manage my passwords?

WordPress Security

It is urgent that you make sure your WordPress installation is protected from attacks.

Editing Text

I've added or edited some text through the CHCS content management system, but it doesn't look the way I want it to.

Sending ZIP Files

I cannot send or receive a .zip file using Gmail.

Forgotten Passwords

I forgot my password.

Learn About Google Apps

How can I learn more about how to use Google Apps, the email system CHCS uses?

Google Apps Help Center

Support for Google Apps (Gmail, Calendar, Docs and Spreadsheets)

Editing in Processwire

Editing in Processwire and Next9

Phishing Emails

Avoid and report phishing emails

Remove a User from Email Managed by CHCS

If you want access to the user's email, here are the steps.

Forward Email Managed by CHCS to Another Account

You may forward email to another account with these instructions.