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I forgot my password.

We cannot retrieve lost passwords for CHCS e-mail accounts, administration areas of CHCS web sites (including shopping carts), or bulletin board/forums. If you have lost your password, we will need to give you a new one.

Please go to the CHCS contact form and enter your name and email address. In the "Comments" section, enter your username and the requested password -- it should be at least six characters long, and should contain some combination of letters and numbers. Passwords are case-sensitive, and will be entered exactly as you type them (in captial or small letters).

Note that the password for accessing the webmail system and (for Imail users) the Postini message center are the same as the password used to collect email in programs like Outlook, Thunderbird and Eudora. If this password is changed, it will mean you will need to change how you log into all three locations.

Exception: If you have FTP access, we do keep records of these passwords. Contact us to obtain them.

Storing passwords. For security reasons, we highly recommend that you use a software package that stores passwords in an encrypted format. There are many such programs. We like the free program KeePass, as well as eWallet, which also can store and sync password data to Palm and Windows PDAs.